Features of terminal handling of heavy loads (HEA) & the provision of other additional services from the Price List.

Mechanized loading/unloading of heavy cargo shipments (HEA) to/from the vehicles is carried out by forklifts (loaders) with a maximum carrying capacity of 1.8 tons.

The above-mentioned operations are a part of the terminal cargo handling service and are not subjected to additional payment in case if the cargo is loaded to/unloaded from JSC Pulkovo Cargo Terminal ramp by a forklift (loader) with a lifting capacity up to 1.8 tons.

When sending/receiving cargo packages with the PCS weight more than 1.8 tons, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of side loading/unloading of cargo using appropriate capacity forklifts (loaders).

Provision of loaders with a loading capacity exceeding 1.8 tons and implementation of side loading/unloading of cargo are performed based on a customer application for the provision of the additional services. The payment for the requested services shall be made in accordance with the JSC Cargo Terminal Pulkovo Price List.