The procedure for receiving incoming cargo is being changed!

We draw your attention from 01.11.2021.

the procedure for receiving incoming cargo is being changed.


In order to reduce the number of requests from consignees (Agents) to technological windows up to once and combine operations for issuing documents and cargo, to eliminate double verification of credentials, the jobs of import dispatchers were moved from the checkpoint building to the dispatch center of the main terminal building (windows No. 9-14).


Procedure for issuing documents and cargo:


Upon the fact that the cargo is ready for delivery, specify by phone 380-69-45, 380-69-55 or
on our website, by the air waybill number, the cargo status is "ready for delivery";

In the order of the electronic queue, contact the dispatcher service specialist at the designated window of the dispatch center, in order to issue the cargo.
Pay for the services of the terminal at the cash desk (windows No. 1, 2, 3).
After confirming the fact of payment for services, the dispatcher service specialist will provide information on the number of the gate to which the vehicle needs to be delivered via speakerphone.