Special features of transporting different cargo


Requirements for sending transit cargo outside the Russian Federation.

Dear Clients! For all the goods arriving under customs transit to JSC Cargo Terminal Pulkovo by ground transport and departing to its country of destination by air transport, the following ...


Features of terminal handling of heavy loads (HEA) & the provision of other additional services from the Price List.

Mechanized loading/unloading of heavy cargo shipments (HEA) to/from the vehicles is carried out by forklifts (loaders) with a maximum carrying capacity of 1.8 tons. The above-mentioned operations are a part ...


Transit declarations provision for the issuance of goods under the customs transit procedure from the warehouse of temporary storage

Dear Clients! In case of issuing goods under the procedure for customs transit from the warehouse of temporary storage of Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC, before the loading of vehicle it ...


Locating Temporary Customs Control Zone in Cargo Acceptance & Delivery Area.

Dear Clients!   We’re opening Temporary Customs Control Zone inside Cargo Acceptance & Delivery Area of the terminal for the goods placed for customs control operations in this area. The ...