Features of transportation of various cargoes

Perishable cargo is sensitive cargo which during transporting requires certain temperature conditions, certain level of humidity and other sanitary-hygienic requirements to ensure preservation

Perishable cargo includes: products of plant origin: vegetables and fruits, berries and citrus fruits;

  • products of animal origin: animal and poultry meat, fish and seafood products, refrigerated and smoked, eggs, including incubated, caviar;

  • reprocessed products: butter, oils, frozen fruits and vegetables, sausage products, preserves, meat products, cheeses and dairy products.

  • live plants, flowers, seedlings, saplings, tubers and seeds;

  • live fish-stocking material: fingerlings, underyearlings, live roe;

  • preserved blood, vaccines, serum, medical and biological preparations, live
  • human organs, frozen embryos;

Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC is equipped with everything required for servicing perishable/temperature-controlled cargo. The terminal houses 6 refrigeration chambers.

Refrigeration chamber features:

    •   total = 240 м2
    •   total = 1200 м3

    Low-temperature chamber based on a refrigeration unit produced by HK Refrigeration, model MABN 96/BRC 93 E7 (2 units) ensures temperature conditions to -18˚C;

    Medium-temperature chamber based on a refrigeration unit produced by HK Refrigeration, model MABP 130/BRS 157 F8 (4 units) ensures temperature conditions from -5 to +8˚C

    Electronic control units Mastercella Carel, which are used in the refrigeration chambers, allow adjustment of the required temperature with precision to 0.1˚C.

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