Features of transportation of various cargoes

Oversize or heavy weight cargo is this with weight and dimensions exceeding the standard parameters.

An oversize cargo is one which in size and/or shape requires using special handling equipment, additional packing means, exceeds the dimensions of the loading hatchways and loading compartments of the passenger aircrafts. The cargo classified as oversize includes pipes, individual equipment, cable drums and coils, caskets, aircraft engines, cars and other cargo that corresponds in their characteristics to this type of special cargo.

Depending on the requirements of different airlines, a cargo weighing one place of 80 kg (the weight is determined separately) is considered heavyweight. Heavy weight cargo is transported, both in packed way and unpacked, if it is permitted by the transporting specifications. Unpacked heavy weight cargo (electric motors, engines, etc.) must be presented for shipping, mounted on special pallets, stands with the possibility of handling by electric forklift.

Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC has a fleet of transport vehicles to service any non-standard cargoes, heavy, long or oversize.



Special requirements for heavy cargo carried by beam-type aircraft (in bulk):
- packages heavier than 150 kg are accepted by the warehouse if they are provided with hoist attachments to ensure safe cargo loading and unloading on board the aircraft for manual handling;
- packages heavier than 200 kg are accepted for transportation upon supplementary agreement provided it is technically feasible;
- packages heavier than 250 kg are not accepted for transportation.
Please note that the above requirements do not apply to cargo carried in unit load devices (ULDs).

Features of terminal handling of heavy loads (HEA):
Mechanized loading/unloading of heavy cargo shipments (HEA) to/from the vehicles is carried out by forklifts (loaders) with a maximum carrying capacity of 1.8 tons.

The above-mentioned operations are a part of the terminal cargo handling service and are not subjected to additional payment in case if the cargo is loaded to/unloaded from JSC Pulkovo Cargo Terminal ramp by a forklift (loader) with a lifting capacity up to 1.8 tons.

When sending/receiving cargo packages with the PCS weight more than 1.8 tons, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of side loading/unloading of cargo using appropriate capacity forklifts (loaders).

Provision of loaders with a loading capacity exceeding 1.8 tons and implementation of side loading/unloading of cargo are performed based on a customer application for the provision of the additional services. The payment for the requested services shall be made in accordance with the JSC Cargo Terminal Pulkovo Price List.