Customs Brokerage Services

Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC offers full services for customs brokerage (Certificate of inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives No. 0948/00) and all necessary legal documents, in particular:
  • customs brokerage servicesfor goods subjected to all customs procedures in accordance with Customs Union customs laws;
  • document processing ofopening/completing customs transit procedure on goods;
  • accompanying operations related to departure of goods during the exporting procedure fromthe Customs Union territory;
  • customs document processing on goods which were decidedto be returned to the shipper, based on the re-export procedure;
  • customs document processing on goods to be transported by individuals;
  • consulting on foreign economic activity and customs clearance procedures;

We inform you in advance about the necessityof submitting certain documents on goods for customs processing and we obtain them for you.

You can find the prices for the customs brokerage services for your cargo here