Memo to consignee

To receive cargo the consignee or the legal representative to whom the cargo was sent from outside the countries of the Customs Union needs:

  1. To obtain the air waybill and other accompanying documents at window No. 8 of the ACP building, phone 380-69-45, 380-69-55..
  2. Independently by yourself or using the customs broker’s services, declare the received cargo at the customs authority.

    Cargo Terminal Pulkovo JSC as the customs representative (broker) renders customs brokerage services. Call 380-69-34, 380-69-33. Call 380-69-34, 380-69-33..;;

    (The Pulkovo Customs Station of the Pulkovo Customhouse is located in the main cargo terminal building, right wing, second floor).

  3. For cargo requiring veterinary control inspection, go to the veterinary control station located in room No. 3088 of the main cargo terminal building, right wing, third floor, phone 380-69-58.
  4. For cargo requiring requiring phyto-sanitary control inspection, go to the veterinary control station located in room No. 3088 of the main cargo terminal building, right wing, third floor, phone 703-02-96.
  5. The CTP grounds can be accessed with a pass, issued at window No. 10 of the ACP building.
  6. After receiving a pass and if you are ready to receive your cargo, pay for warehouse handling services at the cashier office (windows Nos. 1, 2 and 3 of the main cargo terminal building, left wing, first floor).

    To pay for services you need:

    The cargo has arrived to a legal entity The cargo has arrived to an individual
    Company details Passport
    Power of attorney from the company for the employee info
    Monetary funds for services (cash; credit card; funds deposited by bank transfer) Monetary funds for services(cash; credit card)

    If the legal entity receives the cargo at the CTP for the first time, the company’s details has to be submitted to enter the data into the CTP Database program so that further financial documents may be issued to the legal entity.

    The details may be submitted in several ways:

  7. Get a ticket in the electronic system box located in the customer waiting area.
  8. Following the electronic line in order to arrange the DO2, submit the original air waybill and one of the documents, confirming completion of the customs clearance procedure at windows Nos. 9, 10 and 11:

    • customs declaration for the goods (as a printed document)
    • original transit declaration with customhouse release marks
    • original declaration list on established with customhouse release marks
    • Accomplished original CARNET ATA.
  9. Following the electronic line go to window No. 13 or No. 14 to the dispatcher center administrator to arrange releasing the cargo from the warehouse for loading on the recipient’s transport vehicle.
  10. Receive from the dispatcher center administrator via loudspeaker the information about the gate number to which the transport vehicle needs to be sent.

Upon receiving the cargo you need:

  • Passport
  • Power of attorney (as authorized representative)
  • air waybill with cargo terminal cashier’s stamp “Paid”
  • if necessary with veterinary or phyto-sanitary control release mark

When the consignee receives cargo, he is necessary to fill in the air waybill the information about cargo receiving per sample No. 1 (for individuals) or No. 2 (for legal entities) located on the information board in the customer waiting area.

Upon receiving the cargo the consignee verifies the integrity of the packaging and gives the CTP loader operator a set of documents: original air waybill, power of attorney and provides a passport. In order to leave the CTP grounds the consignee is given a copy of the air waybill with the cargo terminal release mark.

If necessary, the consignee may be provided with additional services, such as loading the cargo into the consignee’s transport vehicle (go to the administrator at windows Nos. 13 and 14).